Michael Bane

Michael Bane is the most successful producer of outdoors/firearms programming ever. He currently has four series running on OUTDOOR CHANNEL, including his landmark SHOOTING GALLERY, now in its 18th season and the top show on OC, GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA. Bane has long been active in practical shooting competition, having been involved in the start-ups of USPSA and IDPA, as well as being one of the 3 original founders of the RIMFIRE CHALLENGE.”

Mark Passamaneck

Mark Passamaneck is a Forensic Engineer from Colorado who has been involved in all aspects of the shooting sports for his entire adult life.  An accomplished shooter in several disciplines and an avid hunter, he has also consulted for firearms manufacturers, trained 1,000s of shooters and been involved in starting and running clubs and major matches across the United States.  Mark has a passion for sharing his love of the shooting sports with those new to shooting competition.


Heather Martin

Heather Martin is relatively new to competitive shooting.  After an invite from a friend she attended her first rimfire event in 2013 (then known as Ruger Rimfire).  Heather enjoyed the event so much she convinced her husband, Eric, to come with her the next time.  That was all it took, they were both hooked.

Heather now travels, with her husband, to participate in shooting events.  She participates in different type of events but is most active in Rimfire Challenge and Steel Challenge.

On top of competing, Heather has volunteered her time at several rimfire and steel matches.  She has provided support as a scoring/safety officer up to assistant match director.  Along with her husband, Heather provides support and sponsorship to local youth shooting programs.  She can often be seen working with new shooters at her backyard gun range.

Heather brings with her active corporate business experience in the areas of policy management, vendor sourcing and management, event planning, training and in IT.

Tim Norris first shot a gun at age 5 and was forever hooked. He spent his youth hunting upland birds and plinking. During six years on active duty in the United States Navy he had the opportunity to fire many different firearms from the 1911 to the M2.

The Action Shooting Sports, then known as Combat Pistol, was in its infancy when Tim left the service. He started shooting club level competition in 1988 and shot his first tournament level match in 1991. In 2010 he realized a life long goal by becoming a sponsored shooter.

Tim has participated in many different types of competition but is most active in Rimfire Challenge and USPSA Pistol and Rifle competition. He has served as a Board Member for several shooting clubs and has been a Rimfire Challenge consultant to both Ruger Rimfire and NSSF Rimfire Challenge.

Tim says he loves to compete because it pushes him to improve and he gets to hang out with some of the greatest people around.

Brian J Kruszewski  aka “Kruzer” had his first experience with handling firearms at the age of 7. He grew up hunting, fishing & target shooting.

He’s 55 years young, lives in upstate NY in a county that was previously know as the dairy capital of America. He’s retired from management with one of the largest privately owned paper manufacturers in the country.

Along with his management experience he brings to the RCSA his love of all shooting sports, especially RimFire Competition.

He has a passion for introducing and teaching new competitors, recently dedicating 3 years to one young lady who is now a two time world champion. Giving back to the sport and to the youth is what he’s about.

He hopes his ideas, efforts and passion will help ensure the longevity of the RimFire Shooting Sports for generations to come.