The show Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel has been committed to the RIMFIRE CHALLENGE since its inception more than a decade ago, and it is the all-time best game for the .22 rifle and pistol. This season the show goes to Parma, Idaho, for one of the biggest matches in the country.

Air times on Outdoor Channel: Wed Feb 7: 7:00PM ET | Wed Feb 7: 10:00PM ET | Thu Feb 8: 2:00AM ET | Thu Feb 8: 5:00AM ET | Thu Feb 8: 11:00AM ET.

This episode will also re-air later this year. Set your DVR!

5 Responses to "Rimfire Challenge on Shooting Gallery"

  1. Thomas Hardin  February 14, 2018

    I see in your rules that “suppressors” are not allowed, however you mentioned during the Idaho shoot that suppressors were as common as dirt. Which is correct? Will suppressors be allowed?

    • Heather Martin  February 16, 2018

      Thomas, Our rule book is correct. Suppressors are not allowed for competition events. The mention of suppressors at the Idaho shoot being common as dirt was specific to the demonstration firing line. It was an area set up for vendors to allow match participants to demo their products. Thank you for asking for clarification. -Heather

  2. Ronald  March 10, 2018

    I was wondering when the 2018 world championship is going to be airing.

    • Heather Martin  March 21, 2018

      Ronald, I have not been able to confirm if anyone was hired by NSSF to film the 2017 World Rimfire Championship. RCSA will certainly share information about a show on the 2017 world championship if we become aware of it. Regards, Heather

      • Ronald  March 21, 2018

        I was wondering because Shooting USA was there and was doing interviews.


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