Shooting a target as it moves through the air or across the ground takes perfect hand-eye coordination and skill—and that’s with a shotgun. Doing it with a single bullet is nearly superhuman. Yet CCI Brand Ambassador and YouTube superstar 22plinkster makes it look easy, shot after shot. The legendary trick shooter pulls it off using two primary methods: tracking and ambushing.

As the term suggests, tracking involves following the target with your sights, matching the object’s speed, and squeezing the trigger when the two are aligned, being sure to follow through.

To hit closer moving targets—particularly ones he’s thrown—22plinkster usually calls on the ambush method. Ambushing requires watching the target’s speed and trajectory to anticipate where it’s going. The shooter places the sights along the predicted path, then breaks the shot just as the object meets the sights.

Practice and perfect both methods, and you’ll have the tools you need to connect with any moving target.

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