If you’re shooting a SW22® Victory™ for Rimfire Challenge matches, then the latest SW22® accessory from TANDEMKROSS is an ideal competition upgrade.


The new TANDEMKROSS “Thunder” Hammer for SW22® Victory™ helps significantly reduce trigger pull weight, boosting speed and accuracy when shooting – one of the best SW22® Victory™ accessories for Rimfire Challenge athletes.

The “Thunder” Hammer is lighter weight than the stock hammer, reducing lock time. TANDEMKROSS also adjusted the angle of engagement between the sear and hammer to dramatically reduce your trigger pull weight.


Just how much of a difference in trigger pull weight can the “Thunder” Hammer make? When using the “Thunder” Hammer in conjunction with the popular “Victory” Trigger for SW22® Victory™ from TANDEMKROSS, the hammer can reduce the trigger pull weight to below 2 pounds. Talk about the ultimate competition pistol!


To show how the “Thunder” Hammer compares to the stock hammer, TANDEMKROSS ran a series of trigger pull weight experiments.


The Experiment

TANDEMKROSS tested the trigger pull weight of the SW22® Victory™ with various combinations of stock and #tandemized parts: 1) completely stock, 2) “Thunder” Hammer with stock trigger, 3) stock hammer with “Victory” Trigger and 4) completely #tandemized with “Thunder” Hammer and “Victory” Trigger.


Each set-up was tested three times to determine the average trigger pull weight. The results prove that the “Thunder” Hammer, when used with a stock trigger, can reduce the trigger pull weight by more than 12 ounces compared to a stock gun. When used with the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger, the “Thunder” Hammer helps to reduce the trigger pull weight by nearly 3 pounds. *Individual results may vary based on factory tolerances.

To watch the full experiment, click here. Read on for the results of the SW22® Victory™ trigger pull weight testing:

Test 1: Stock Hammer and Stock Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 4lbs, 13.8oz


Test 2: “Thunder” Hammer and Stock Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 4lbs, 1.4oz


Test 3: Stock Hammer and “Victory” Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 2lbs, 13.3oz


Test 4: “Thunder” Hammer and “Victory” Trigger

Average Pull Weight: 1lb, 14.4oz


It’s clear that the “Thunder” SW22® Victory™ hammer, especially when combined with a “Victory” SW22® Victory™ trigger, has a profound impact on trigger pull weight.


Upgrade your SW22® hammer today and be on your way to even faster competition times for Rimfire Challenge.


Click here to read more about the “Thunder” Hammer on the TANDEMKROSS website and find other .22lr accessories for your SW22® Victory, Ruger® MK Series and Browning Buck Mark pistols.

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  • I tried the Thunder Hammer in my Victory (and using a Tandemkross trigger). It did not drop my trigger pull that low, but I got a very comfortable 2lb-7oz pull with my setup, which is great since it stays compliant with NRA match rules of more than 2lb.

    Shoots great. I got my highest score ever in a match after the change. The pull is smooth with a sharp break. Travel is reduced. Installation is easy although it would have been nice if they included a drift pin to help the alignment for the hammer pin.

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