Stance Secrets

Stance is one of those aspects of shooting that often gets ignored, according to YouTube trick-shooting star and CCI® brand ambassador 22plinkster. But it’s the foundation of precision.


“I’m not going to sit here and tell you one stance is better than another—you pretty much have the Weaver and the isosceles,” he says. “The handgun you’re shooting determines which stance to use.”


22plinkster explains that he prefers the Weaver stance when shooting precision targets using a pistol with open sights. A right-handed shooter’s left foot should be in front of them, with the right foot directly behind them. Most of the shooter’s weight should rest on their left leg with the right arm about 98 percent extended.


Things change significantly when 22plinkster picks up a pistol with a red dot sighting system. That’s when he opts for the isosceles stance. To do it, he places his feet roughly shoulder-width apart and leans slightly forward. The most important thing is comfort. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll likely pull shots off target.


Practice and perfect both stances, and you’re well on your way to more accurate, consistent shooting.


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