The world of rimfire shooting lost a true friend, and the gun culture lost a master craftsman, with the passing of Dino Longueira of Majestic Arms this week.

One of the old school gunsmiths — proud to be the last remaining gunsmith in New York City — Dino was an inventor and a problem solver. he took on the challenge of turning Ruger’s .22 pistols into true target guns, and when the Rimfire Challenge was created he was quick to sign up and make Majestic’s presence felt.

He and his wife Joanne joined us at our World Championships in October, where his good nature and willingness to help shooter out with any problem created a whole new generation of fans.

Dino contributed so very much in his 40 years of gunsmithing, and we all benefitted. He supported our sports because he loved our sports and he, in turn, was loved. Our culture lost a true master, and we are lessened by the loss.





2 Responses to "IN MEMORIAM"

  1. GORDON H & JOYCE M SIEVERS  December 16, 2018

    All of us have lost a truly great gentleman and gunsmithing genius. His knowledge and willingness to help his friends and customers in the shooting world will be missed.

  2. Matthew Gallagher  February 13, 2019

    Thank you Heather and RCSA for the memorial. Dino was a great guy and true craftsman. He was also a friend who believed that junior shooters were the future. He will be sorely missed.


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