My first competitive shooting event was a Ruger Rimfire match.  Since that day I have continued to actively participate in rimfire challenge as Ruger Rimfire transitioned to NSSF Rimfire Challenge and then on to RCSA Rimfire Challenge.  I was honored to be given the opportunity to help lead the organization that got me started in competitive shooting.

In the fall of 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I have spent the past 20 months going thru a form of chemotherapy.  I now need to expand my pre-surgery treatment and start to prepare for surgery and post-surgery radiation treatment.  It is now time for me to my put my focus on my health and my treatment.

I have spent the past couple months working on transitioning my responsibilities to other members of the board and so, on Aug 8th I will be stepping down from my role as President of Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association and from the RCSA Board of Directors.  I may be stepping down but I will not be leaving the organization.  I will be transitioning into an advisory/operational non-board role as Executive Director.  With this change Pete Swenson will be moving out of his role as Vice President/Treasure and stepping up into the role of President.  Greg Tandberg will then be stepping into the role of Vice President/Treasurer.

Due to the place that this sport holds in my heart, the decision to step down has not been an easy one.  The number of people that I would like to thank is very long, so I will keep it simple.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported RCSA and supported and mentored me as part of the RCSA Board of Directors for the past 4 years.  Your support has been part of the continued success of Rimfire Challenge.

Please join me in congratulating Pete and Greg into their new roles.
I look forward to seeing everyone again on the range.



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