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How the Right Gun Modifications Can Make the Shooting Sports Accessible to Anyone


For many new shooters, Rimfire Challenge competitions are a first taste of the shooting sports world, often acting as a gateway to other competitive circuits. But even in a beginner-friendly environment, getting started in the shooting sports can be very intimidating to new shooters.

 “That is where firearms modifications come in.” said TANDEMKROSS Business Development Direct Bryan Haaker.

“Even a simple change to a shooter’s gun can make a world of difference in terms of their ability to easily and safely shoot and control their firearm,” he said. “Having more control over the firearm really boosts a competitor’s confidence and reduces the intimidation that can come with getting started in the shooting sports.”

One of the most common challenges a new or junior shooter may encounter is charging their competition firearm or clearing a jam quickly. Luckily for new shooters, this challenge can easily be overcome with a simple firearm enhancement: a charging handle.

For Gauge Horlick, a youth competitor and a member of Team TANDEMKROSS, adding a TANDEMKROSS “halo” Charging Ring to his competition Ruger® MKIV 22/45 and Glock® 17C boosted his competitive performance, made training and competing easier and helped boost his confidence when he was first starting out in the shooting sports.

“The biggest difference the “halo” has made for me is the fact that it stays tightly attached and won’t loosen and cause problems in a match,” Horlick said. “Without a “halo” Charging Ring, the bolt ears on a Ruger® MK series pistol can easily pinch (known as “biting”) your fingers when charging the gun. With my Glock® the “halo” makes it much easier to cycle the slide because my pistol has a heavier weight recoil spring and can be hard to cycle the slide with smaller hands and less strength.”

Making it easier to charge a pistol, prevent painful pinched fingers and more quickly overcome a failure-to-fire or failure-to-eject, Horlick said, can have a big impact on a new competitor, junior competitor or a shooting sports competitor with weaker hands.

“I think the “halo” boosts confidence because someone with small hands, less strength or possibly loss of motion due to arthritis or an accident can still manipulate the bolt with speed and skill, making the shooter feel more sure of themselves and safer shooting the pistol,” he said. “A charging handle can help a new shooter, as I always say, ‘Keep on Shooting!’”

This confidence boost, Haaker said, is key.

“Morale is everything,” Haaker said. “This confidence boost can mean the difference between a good first competition experience and a frustrating one, and influence whether a competitor continues with the shooting sports.

“As a supporter of the shooting sports, we’re interested in doing everything we can to ensure more Americans are exercising their second amendment rights and participating in safe, fun activities like Rimfire Challenge matches. It’s important for competitors to know that a simple enhancement to a firearm can make the shooting sports much more accessible for a new competitor. This is especially true for youth and juniors.”


To learn more about firearms modifications for competitive shooting sports athletes, visit www.TANDEMKROSS.com and use the Shop By Gun Model feature to find the best enhancements for your competition firearm.


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