About RCSA

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association (RCSA). Previously known as Ruger Rimfire Challenge and NSSF Rimfire Challenge, the Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association (RCSA) is the clearinghouse for ranges and competitors who participate in Rimfire Challenge events.  The Association provides the framework for this discipline through a Rulebook developed by the Leadership Team. Our goals are simple: Support those conducting these events, encourage firearm industry sponsorship and enhance the opportunity for everyone across the country to shoot Rimfire Challenge!

How to shoot this game? All the detailed Rules can be found in the Rulebook.  However, here is a brief overview: Competitors shoot two firearms (a .22 LR pistol and a .22 LR rifle) in either the Open or Limited divisions.  There are no sanctioned stages, and the course of fire consists of 5 to 7 steel plates set at certain minimum and maximum distances for both the pistol and rifle. The Competitor shoots the course of fire 5 times, hitting the target at least once and ending on a designated stop plate. The worst string will be thrown out and the total of the 4 remaining times will be the competitor’s score.

Our Mission: To promote and grow Rimfire Challenge dedicated shooting sports in a safe and fun manner for competitors of all skill levels.

Our Vision: To grow Rimfire Challenge to be the premier .22 rimfire sport by providing a shooting experience that engages new competitors and challenges experienced competitors.

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