Starting a RCSA Shooting Program

This document is intended to provide guidance in starting a RCSA shooting program.

In addition to a club’s website, a social media presence should be established. While websites are good, a social media presence will more easily drive competitors to your matches. This said, you must be diligent in regularly updating your Facebook or Instagram sights, as this will increase your visibility to a far greater audience. Clubs need to be actively promoting their activities by social media posts. Photo’s will go a long way in gaining visibility. Remember to: LIKE COMMENT SHARE.

It is recommended that you regularly check the RCSA website for updates and information that can be shared with your constituents. As well, RCSA is active with our Facebook pages: Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association and Rimfire Challenge Group. Additionally, we have a growing YouTube presence under Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association.
Once you apply for hosting a RCSA match, we will post on our website calendar and social media pages.

We highly encourage your events to be listed on PractiScore. Practiscore is a free tool. Your matches can be listed with them, which enables shooters to more easily find out about your activities. More importantly, this will provide you a platform for shooters to register for you events, but also the best way to capture scores and rank shooters. There is a selection of match type available – be sure to select RCSA. More about this later.

The only “mandatory” criteria for a range, is that shooting activities be conducted in a safe manner. Good backstops and side berms are a given. In the ideal world, the range would be set up in a north/south direction to keep the sun out of competitor’s eyes. Early morning and afternoon sun can make acquiring targets difficult if shooting in a east/west direction, hence the preference for a north/south direction.

If a club has other disciplines that utilize steel targets, there is a good chance that they are on their way to starting a RCSA program. Targets can be of any configuration as long as they have a minimum size of 8”. They can be square, round, rectangular, diamond, or shapes typically found in cowboy action events. We discourage the use of shapes that have a human shape. Further, targets must be free of defects. Should new targets and stands be necessary, consider that they can be utilized in other disciplines – such as Steel Challenge. This will allow other programs to feed off of RCSA activities.

It is suggested that targets be .375” thick and make from AR Grade Steel. There are a number of companies that produce these targets, including, but not limited to:


Target arrays can be as few as 5 and no more than 7. Consult the RCSA Rulebook to learn about min/max distances when establishing your Course Of Fire. Your stages should be fun and challenging.

Suggested Equipment:

There are several shot timers on the market. They can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website or often from Midway USA :

Prices will depend on the features you choose to have on the timer.

Depending on your budget, there are a variety of tablets available for consideration. Some ranges use Ipads, but their cost is often prohibitive. You can find suitable and affordable tablets on AMAZON. Some clubs will use the FIRE BOOK or perhaps a SAMSUNG tablets. As a general statement, you should be able to find this for less than $100 each. It is suggested that in addition to each stage that you have set up, there be a master tablet as well.

Each stage that you have will typically require 2 tables. One for staging of shooters and one for placement for the shooter. You might want to consider Make Ready Shooter Tables. Each of their tables will require a 55gallon barrel which is easily found commercially. While these are nice, a couple of tables found in your local Home Depot will work just as well. Size depends on what you choose to use.

A couple of folding chairs are recommended for the scorers to use as needed.

Shooter Box:
A 3’ X 3’ shooter box can easily be constructed using 1⁄2” or 3⁄4” PVC tubing.

Cover for shooters:
Depending on your range, it is suggested that you have some type of canopy or cover for the shooter. These are readily available from your Home Depot type store. 10’ X 10’ size will easily protect the shooter from sun or rain.

Start Sign:
A simple orange safety cone found in the Home Depot will suffice as your start sign.

Paint will be an important part of your shoot event. White paint can be purchased from the local Home Depot type store. Frankly speaking, those paints don’t cover well, and for that reason, we suggest using Steel Target Paint, which can be found at
They are a strong supporter of the shooting sports, and we should support companies that do so. Their paint covers very well!

Have a designated safe area with a shooter can safely work on their firearm. It is suggested that a table be available. While a sign designating such a area is a good idea, it is not necessary.

Other Considerations:

  • Have spare batteries available for timers! Batteries fail when least expected!
  • Have a couple of spare battery packs available should your tablets get low on their charge.
  • Have a 100’ tape measure available when setting up stages.
  • RANGE COMMANDS are a critical part of a successful RCSA match. Range Commands are found in the RCSA rulebook and should not be deviated from.
  • Match Safety Brief. Before starting any match, a safety brief should be held. We suggest starting each match with the Pledge of Allegiance! Cover items such as where first aid kits are located. Who is your first aid type person? If you have an AED on sight, where is it? Cover where wash rooms are located. Identify where designated safe area is located. (Remind that NO AMMO is allowed in SAFE AREA! Remind spectators that hearing and eye protection is required by everyone.
  • After the match, post scores on Practiscore and by all means post results on your Facebook page and the RCSA Group page along with photo’s the days activities.
  • Mail in your fee per shooter to RCSA at the address listed below.

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association
709-2 Plaza Drive, PMB 126
Chesterton, IN 46304