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Kolby WSSC
Kolby Pavlock competing at the 2019 World Speed Shoot Championship

I recently heard somebody say “live life through the lens of possibility not probability” and it resonated with me. As a company, we are always trying to overcome what others say can’t be done.

In an effort to go faster rimfire rifle steel shooters are always looking to go lighter. It’s always been believed lighter equals faster.

Four-time reigning rimfire world champion Kolby Pavlock decided to try something different. Why would he want to mess with the formula that has brought him so much success? It’s because that’s what champions do – always pushing to get better and never resting on their past accomplishments.

Did we think he was crazy? The short answer is yes! Kolby called and asked if we could send him an Inferno Stock to play around with. Keep in mind this is the heaviest stock we offer and would put his rifle at almost 8.5 lbs but we figured it couldn’t hurt to see what happens. After all, we pride ourselves on trying to do things outside the box to see what is possible.

If the recent World Speed Shoot Championship (WSSC) was any indication I would say his experiment was a success. Kolby not only took home the rimfire rifle championship but set a new world record in the process with an unbelievable time of 60.61 seconds.

Cole Busch Awards US Steel Nationals
Cole Busch and his hardware from the 2019 US Steel Shoot

In contrast to Kolby’s 8.5 lb rifle, his teammate Cole Busch shoots a rifle that weighs under 4 lbs and at the US Steel Nationals turned in a blazing 61.23 seconds.

The biggest thing both Cole and Kolby do is practice. Yes, they are teammates and they are friends but during competition they are fierce rivals trying to best each other.

From the outside looking in, I think a little competition is healthy and will continue to push each other to new heights in the shooting sports. Competition is what drives each and every one of us to improve and get better.

So is it better to go lighter or try and go heavier? I am not sure there is a right answer so regardless of what you may have been told don’t be afraid to go with what “feels right.”

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